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Load Cells & Force Sensors

Applied Measurements offer a comprehensive range of load cells and force sensors to suit a huge range of applications, and if a standard model isn't ideal, we can modify the design to suit, or even produce a completely unique, custom load cell to provide a perfect fit.  Speak to our expert sales team today!

DSCC Low Profile Pancake Load Cell

Microtronics Speedforce/Blueforce Calibration

Microtronics Speedforce/Blueforce Impact Tester

We offer the only UK-based, authorised UKAS traceable calibration service for all Microtronics BlueForce and SpeedForce EN 12445 / EN 12453 gate impact force tester models, with 3-day & 7-day turnaround options.

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Sensors for Motorsport

When you have a need for custom-built sensors within the motorsport arena, we meet that need with our expertise in the design and manufacture of bespoke transducers to measure force, load, torque and stress.

Racing Motorbikes and Racing Saloon Car

More Information on Sensors for Motorsport

Torque Transducers & Torque Sensors

TLS Brushless Rotary Torque Transducer

Models for rotary and static torque measurement with mechanical interfaces including square drive, parallel keyed shaft and flanged, plus customised versions.  Rotary models utilise slip-ring or non-contact data transmission with speeds up to 15,000rpm.
Static models to 50kNm are offered as standard with custom versions to 200kNm and beyond designed to order.

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LVDTs & Position / Displacement Sensors

AML/SGD Strain Gauge Displacement TransducerPosition and displacement measurement from a range of sensing technologies including LVDT, strain gauge, draw-wire, rotary potentiometers and encoders.  Miniature, Standard, Industrial and IP68 Submersible models are available.

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and Displacement Sensors

Pressure, Level & Depth Sensors

Pi600 Industrial Pressure Sensor

Pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters suitable for a broad range of applications as diverse as air compressor control and pharmaceutical nanotechnology development.  Custom designed sensors are also available.

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Load Cell, Strain Gauge, LVDT
& Process Instrumentation

Intuitive4-L Load Cell Input Digital Indicator

Instrumentation for signal conditioning, monitoring or control of any of our range of sensors.  Types include analogue amplifiers and signal conditioners, digital indicators, signal digitisers and telemetry / wireless equipment.

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LVDT & Process Instrumentation

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