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Applied Measurements has just celebrated 25 years of supplying top quality strain gauge sensors and transducers to every corner of industry.  Our team boasts more than 100 years of transducer experience and application knowledge so we can supply you with your ideal sensor or system combined with expert advice and after-sales service to make sure that you get the very best out of it.
Meet the team who make it happen...


Peter Lewis
Managing Director

Ollie Morcom
Sales Director

Darren Skipp
Commercial Director

Bob Davies
Production Director

Sales, Marketing and Administration

John McKeone
Technical Sales

Ian Wooldridge

Caroline Clark

Liz Turton

Wendy Jeffery

Karen Jones


Richard Parry
Production Manager





Strain Gauge Technician

Strain Gauge Technician

Strain Gauge Technician

Strain Gauge Technician

Production Assistant



All of our load cells, force sensors and torque transducers are either manufactured from specially selected high grade stainless steel, heat treated for maximum stability, high strength aircraft grade aluminium alloy or alloy steel with nickel-plating for maximum environmental protection.

Construction utilises premium quality, transducer class strain gauges, which are bonded by hand to the specially prepared surfaces of the load cell element.  Strain gauge bonding is carried out in strictly controlled clean room conditions to ensure a first class product.


Our faith in the high quality and reliability of our products is supported by the standard 3-year warranty provided with every product in our range.

Customer Service

Our knowledgeable team of engineers with their wealth of experience within the transducer industry will be pleased to assist with the definition of your application requirements and the meeting of these needs.  Our policy is to supply standard products from stock where possible, or on a scheduled basis if that is what you need, with custom designed units being supplied in a timely manner.


The Gemini Observatory on Mauna KeaApplied Measurements were proud to be selected by the Royal Greenwich Observatory as the load cell supplier for the two Gemini Telescopes.

This project involved the development of special very high accuracy load cells, which pushed the boundaries of load cell technology to their limits and involved the manufacture of some 750 sensors as part of a £500,000 contract.  This was delivered precisely on time and met one hundred per cent the customer's specified requirements.

Applied Measurements' customer base is as varied as the range of products that are available and include some very prestigious companies: ESR Technology, British Aerospace, British Gas, Burmah Castrol, Ford Motor Company, Dairy Crest, GEC, GKN, ICI, Jordan Cereals, Kellogg Company, Lucas Aerospace, Nuclear Electric, Pirelli Cables and most of the major UK water authorities.

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