Try Our Strain Gauge Bonding Service from One-Offs to High Volume

Applied Measurements Strain Gauging Service
Applied Measurements offer a complete design, bonding and wiring service from one-off projects to high volume applications. What’s more, we can even bond and wire onto your own free-issued hardware.

Our In-House Strain Gauging Team Guarantee You:

  • Strain Gauge ServiceDedicated In-House Bonding Room
  • Expert Guidance an Advice
  • Full Design, Bonding & Wiring Service
  • One-Off to High Volume
  • Delivery Dates to Suit You
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Protective Coatings
  • Signal Conditioning Integration
  • Special Environmental Protection Options
  • High Temperature Versions for use at up to 200degC!

In-House Strain Gauge Facility

All our strain gauge bonding is carried out in our strictly controlled on-site strain gauging room.  The temperature, humidity and airflow are continually monitored to ensure optimum gauging conditions.

Flawless Bond

A flawless bond is guaranteed by our strict ultrasonic cleaning procedures and use of special adhesives.  The bond is carried out immediately after surface cleaning and, along with our high accuracy marking techniques, delivers precise positioning and optimum sensing performance.

Design Consultation

We offer a complete design, strain gauge and wiring service to meet your exact needs.  We can give you full, half and quarter bridge configurations, metalwork heat treatment, preparation and machining, bead blasting, anodising, and more…

Contact us to discuss your strain gauging requirements.

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Fast Setup and High Accuracy New INT4 Series of Digital Panel Meters

INT4 Series Precision Digital Panel Meter

INT4 series of digital panel meters deliver faster setup, improved accuracy and higher stability.

Fantastic New Features:

  • Faster and Simpler Setup with its New 1 Layer Menu
  • 10 Point Linearisation for Improved Accuracy
  • Scale and Offset Adjustments Independent of Calibration
  • Compatible with INT2 Series for Easy Integration
  • Higher Stability with Signal Filtering Adjustment
  • Download the INT4-L or INT4-P Datasheet
  • Quote me now!

Faster and Easier Setup

The new INT4 series of digital panel meters has combined the old ‘easy’ and ‘advanced’ menus of the INT2 versions and simplified them into 1 menu.  It is now a lot simpler to use as all the options are easier to find.  

Setting up the INT4 is fast as the number of user decisions have also been reduced.

Compatible with the Existing INT2 Series

To save you costly time consuming delays, the INT4 series of digital panel meters match entirely with the old INT2 series.

They have the same front panel design, dimensions, connections and interchangeable INT2 option boards for fast and easy installation into your existing system.

INT4 Display 10 point linearisation graph

Improved accuracy is guaranteed with 10 point linearisation.

10 Point Linearisation for Improved Accuracy

Thanks to the INT4 series of digital panel meter’s 10 point linearisation, enhanced accuracy is guaranteed as transducer-related measurement errors are reduced and performance of the overall measuring system is improved.

The 10-point linearisation is fully user configurable and straightforward to implement allowing any sensor to be optimised.  The graph opposite shows the potential improvements.

Higher Stability

Signal filtering adjustment is possible with the new INT4 series of digital panel meters, which reduce the effect of noise or instability of the input signal.  The intuitive INT4 load and process meters also include an active filter which helps to eliminate the effects of vibration and other external sources of system noise.

Scale and Offset Adjustment

Fine adjustments to the scale and offset can be made even after the digital meter has been calibrated, without affecting the original calibration itself.  The scale adjustment gives you the option of switching to different engineering units if required after the unit has been calibrated.  Or, if your weighing assembly changes after the meter was originally calibrated, the offset adjustment allows you to add or subtract the effect of any extra weight.  All of this can be done without having to send the meter back for re-calibration, saving you costly downtime.

Coming soon – The IL4 Lite Range!

We haven’t stopped there!  The IL4 Lite range of digital panel meters are also being improved.  The IL4 Lite range will be ideal if you want a simple to use, high precision display with no additional configuration options.

Not only will they be fully compatible with the INT4 series, featuring the same front panel design, dimensions and connections, they will also come with 10 point linearisation for improved accuracy.  There will be more filtering and logic inputs than before and offer the same scale and offset fine tuning that senior INT4 versions have.

So if you need a high precision display but with no plug-in options, the IL4 lite versions will definitely fit the bill (and reduce yours!).

How quickly can I get one?

Order from us now and you can have the INT4 series of digital panel meters within 1 week of ordering. Prices start from £194 for the INT4 models.  Contact a member of our technical sales team today.

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Get Instant Rotary Torque Measurements Without Additional Indicator

Space saving and cost saving, rotary torque transducer and display in one.

DRBK-A Rotary Torque Transducer With Built-In Display

Guarantees you:

  • Instant Speed/Torque Display
  • Low Cost as No Additional Instrumentation Needed
  • Compact with its Built-In Display
  • Real-Time Speed Updates of 1 x Sample/Second
  • Torque Updates at 1,000 Sample/Second.
  • Easy to Read LCD 4-Segment Display
  • Download the Datasheet
  • Get a Quote Now

“The DRBK-A rotary torque transducer with display is ideal to use if you want a simple to read real-time speed/torque display without any extra analysis” says Ollie Morcom, Applied Measurements’ Sales Director.

Low Cost

The compact DRBK-A rotary torque transducer comes with a built-in display so there’s no need to buy additional instrumentation, promising you a low cost, space saving rotary torque measurement system.

Instant Display

It delivers instant fast torque updates of 1,000 samples per second and a speed indication updates of 1 x sample per second, which can be easily read from its 4 digit LCD 30 x 11mm screen.

Compact Size

The DRBK-A is a budget low-cost option that’s perfect for measuring continually rotating applications up to 1000Nm. It’s compact body and specifically designed couplings guarantees both its small size and optimum performance.

Contact our sales team now for more information about this new rotary torque transducer with built-in display.

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LCD20 DIN Rail Load Cell Amplifier: Intelligent, Compact and Stackable

It’s compact, it’s stackable and it delivers superior accuracy…

…it’s the new LCD20 load cell / strain gauge DIN rail signal amplifier.

LCD20 DIN Rail Load Cell Amplifier with Relays

Fantastic Features Include:

  • Space Saving – Compact & Stackable
  • Intelligent – Microprocessor Based
  • Easy Setup via USB on Your PC – Software Included
  • Superior Accuracy – 10 Point Linearisation
  • Cost Saving – No Additional Instrumentation Needed
  • Flexible – Works With Any Strain Gauge Bridge Sensor
  • 4-20mA and 0-10V Analogue Outputs
  • 2 Digital Inputs & 2 Set Point Relays as Standard
  • Lockable Features
  • Easy Installation

Intelligent & Accurate

Both monitoring and control processes are easily achieved with LCD20 load cell DIN rail amplifier as it guarantees to work with any strain gauge-based sensor.  Its intelligent microprocessor-based design promises exceptional accuracy thanks to its built-in 10 point linearisation process.

It Will Save You Money

Money saving is guaranteed as it provides both alarm and control functionality without needing additional instrumentation.   It is fitted with 2 single-pole relays and 2 digital inputs as standard with various threshold functions.

Easy To Setup and Easy to Install

Immediate installation onto your existing DIN rail is made quick and easy with the 2-part screw connectors supplied.  Set-up is equally stress-free using a remote handheld programmer or the free toolkit software (included) via the USB port on your PC.  With it’s lockable functionality, settings can be saved and stored to prevent accidental adjustment or tampering.

How Quickly Can I Have It?

Order with us now and you can have it delivered within 3 days (UK mainland).  All for £225 (exc. VAT and carriage).

What are you waiting for?

Contact our friendly sales team today on +44 (0) 118 981 339 and get the LCD20 DIN rail load cell amplifier working for you now.


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Merry Christmas from Everyone at Applied Measurements

We believe everyone deserves a very merry Christmas.  So this year, instead of posting Christmas cards, we have chosen to donate to the below charities, giving them an extra gift this Christmas.

Christmas Closure Dates: Midday Friday 23rd December to Tuesday the 3rd January 2017.

We will be closed for Christmas during the above dates.  Any enquiries received during the Christmas closure will be answered on our return.

Our last shipping day before we close will be Thursday 22nd December, if you need items before Christmas please order them well in advance of the dates below.

  • Last date for stock orders: Monday 19th December
  • Last date for 10 day calibrations: Monday 12th December
  • Last date for 3 day calibrations: Monday 19th December

May we take this time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

To speak to a member of our technical sales team please call us on +44 (0) 118 981 7339 or email [email protected].

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Get Instant Printed Reports from Your Microtronics Blueforce Tester

If you want an immediate printed report of your Microtronics Blueforce gate impact force test results, we think the FTP wireless portable thermal printer is ideal, here’s why…

  • FTP Wireless Thermal Printer for BlueForce SpeedForce Gate Impact Force TesterSaves You Time – Prints Instant Reports using Bluetooth
  • Portable – Only 150g in Weight
  • Easy to Carry to the Test Site – No PC Required
  • Prints Fast at 90mm per Second
  • No Need to Wait for a Printed Report to be Posted
  • Li-Ion Battery Power Source with Battery Charger Included.
  • Get it Quick – 2 Week Delivery

On-The-Spot Reports
Thanks to the FTP wireless portable printer, PASS/FAIL test reports can be printed instantly from your Microtronics Blueforce gate impact force tester.  Using Bluetooth technology the operator can have an on-the-spot printed report showing them immediately whether the door/gate has passed or failed the impact test.

Its Compact & Lightweight
The FTP portable printer is extremely lightweight, weighing in at a tiny 150 grams and measuring 100 x 75 x 45mm!  It uses a long-life re-chargeable lithium-ion battery pack and the battery charger comes free with the unit.  And as its information comes direct from the Microtronics Blueforce gate impact force tester, you don’t even need to carry around an additional PC.  Its uniquely designed carry-case makes carrying even easier as it can hold both your Blueforce tester and the FTP printer together in just the 1 case.

Time Saving
The reports come partially created to save the operator time and make the printer really simple to use.  Combine that with its high speed printing of 90mm per second and you’ve got an extremely good time saving device.

How Can I Get One?
The FTP wireless portable thermal printer will cost you £295 (exc. VAT) including return delivery to you (UK mainland).  All this in just 2 weeks!
Email our technical sales team or phone them on +44 (0) 118 981 7339, they would love to hear from you.  The FTP wireless thermal printer is only compatible with BlueForce Smart 50V001B2 or the Upgrade Smart 50V016 kit.

What If I Don’t Have A Bluetooth Enabled BlueForce/SpeedForce Gate Impact Force Tester?
Download the Gate Force Booking In Form, send it to us with your device and we will take care of the rest.
We are the only UK company able to give you the “Upgrade Smart” hardware and software upgrade for your existing BlueForce/SpeedForce gate impact force tester.

“Upgrade Smart” Will Give You:
Instant display of the force graph PASS/FAIL results direct to your smart phone, tablet or PC (USB models only).

Full Range of Accessories For The BlueForce SpeedForce Gate Impact Force Tester

For more information about the FTP wireless thermal printer or how to upgrade to Upgrade Smart please email our technical sales team or call us on +44 (0) 118 981 7339.

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Take Advantage of an Educational Discount from Applied Measurements

If you’re a University, School or other Institution you can benefit from our fantastic educational discount.  Ask us for more details, we’d love to hear from you.

“Applied Measurements Limited has provided both current and future students enrolled in these modules the opportunity to investigate as well as learn how to calibrate real-life industrial equipment.” Ing. Claire Seguna, Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) – Mechanical Engineering, Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST).

Students Using Applied Measurements Donated Equipment

Our educational discount means MCAST students are able to use up-to-date industry standard equipment at low cost.

When Ing. Claire Seguna, Senior Lecturer at MCAST, contacted us looking for top quality transducers and instrumentation, but at a very low cost, we were delighted we could help.  Thanks to our generous educational discount we provided several load, force, pressure measurement sensors and TR150 handheld indicators for real-time data monitoring to Malta’s leading vocational education and training institution (MCAST).

Applied Measurements offer a substantial educational discount for Universities, Schools and other Institutions.  As Darren Skipp, Commercial Director of Applied Measurements says “I believe it is important to help educate future generations of engineers. By providing MCAST with discounted up-to-date industry standard equipment, the students are able to see how engineering theory works in real-world applications.”

Applied Measurements are proud to have been given the opportunity to help these young engineers of the future.  By taking advantage of our fantastic educational discount they are able to enhance their knowledge and understanding of key engineering principles with the assistance of modern sensors and instrumentation.

Contact us about our generous educational discount on our range of load and force sensors, pressure, level and depth sensors, LVDT’s displacement/position sensors and torque sensors.  Visit our website, email us or ring us on +44 (0) 118 981 7339.

to ensure their student’s knowledge and skills are relevant to the forever changing industry.

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Applied Measurements Treatment Centre Open For Patients

It’s a sad situation when a transducer becomes sick or injured, but unfortunately it does happen.   Whether in the line of duty or due to handler’s abuse, with Applied Measurements’ Treatment Centre the patient need not be poorly for long.

Repair before and after - load cell repair

Use Applied Measurements’ Treatment Centre And You Will Get:

  • NO Initial Inspection Fee
  • 6 Months Warranty on ALL Repairs
  • UKAS Traceable Calibration Certificates Available for Every Repaired Transducer
  • Detailed Fault Report Sent Out Within 7 Working Days of Receipt
  • Dedicated Team of Experts to Repair Your Transducer

We will accept any stain gauge based transducer for repair, whether it was supplied by us originally or another manufacturer (no questions asked!).  There’s no need to worry about unexpected costs either as we do NOT charge an initial inspection fee and we will NOT carry out any procedures without your prior approval.

What Do I Need To Do?

Just send us in your faulty strain gauge based transducer.   Once the patient has been received, we will send out a detailed fault report within 7 working days of its arrival. Depending on the injury, most are able to be repaired and sent home within 14 working days of arrival.   Calibration certificates traceable to UKAS National Standards are provided when required to verify that the patient is ready for release.   If that’s not enough, we are so convinced of our high level of service that we give all our repairs a 6 month warranty.

Fit-For-Fit Replacements

If your transducer  is beyond repair, don’t despair.  We can offer a replacement, even if it’s not one of our own products! We can design and manufacture a direct like-for-like replacement for you, no matter where the original was purchased, even if it’s no longer available from the original manufacturer.

So, if you have an unhealthy transducer, don’t make it suffer any longer.  Send in your faulty transducer and our dedicated team of experts will do the rest.  For further advice please contact our dedicated technical sales team on +44 (0) 118 981 7339.


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Creating 1000 Times More Power with Submersible Load Measuring Pins

Submersible load measuring pins and pancake load cells used in Deep Green marine power plant

Submersible load measuring pins and pancake load cells used in Deep Green control system.

“Applied Measurements’ DBEP load measuring pins and DSCC pancake load cells were ideal to use in this marine application, as both can be readily customised, including dimensions and IP ratings, to make them fully submersible” says Ollie Morcom, Sales Director of Applied Measurements Ltd.

Ocean and tidal currents are a sustainable and reliable energy system. Minesto’s award winning product Deep Green converts tidal and ocean currents into electricity with minimal visual and environmental impact.  Minesto’s Deep Green power plant is the only marine power plant that operates cost efficiently in areas with low velocity currents.

Pre-assembly of DBEP load measuring pin on Deep Green.

DBEP Load Pin

  • Fully Customisable
  • IP68 to Depths of 6500 Metres Available!
  • Stainless Steel – Ideal for Marine Applications

Minesto needed to measure the strut force in Deep Green’s kite assembly.  The measuring device needed to withstand permanent underwater submersion.  “Our load measuring pin’s stainless steel construction and ability to be customised to IP68 submersion rating made this the ideal choice for use in Deep Green’s control system”, explains Ollie Morcom, Applied Measurements’ Sales Director.  Their 17-4 PH stainless steel construction makes them perfect for marine and seawater applications.  The DBEP load measuring pin was modified to have an IP68 protection rating to a depth of 30 metres and was fitted with a polyurethane (PUR) submersible cable and cable gland, ensuring the entire measuring system was suitable for this underwater marine application.

The load measuring pin needed to fit within Deep Green’s control measuring system.  The load measuring pin’s dimensions can be customised to suit a specific design.  As Deep Green needed to retain its small and lightweight construction, the DBEP load measuring pin was manufactured to their exact dimensions, ensuring that it fitted within the control assembly without adding unnecessary additional weight to the structure, thus maintaining the efficiency of the Deep Green kite.

Load Measuring Pins used within Deep Green Kite Assembly

What is Deep Green?

Deep Green is an underwater kite assembly with a wing and a turbine, attached by a tether to a fixed point on the ocean bed.  As the water flows over the kite’s wing, the lift force from the water current pushes the kite forward.  The rudder steers the kite in a figure of 8 trajectory enabling Deep Green to reach a velocity 10 times faster than the water current, generating 1000 times more power.  As the water flows through the turbine, electricity is produced in the gearless generator.  The electricity is transmitted through the cable in the tether and along subsea cables on the seabed to the shore.  Customised versions of our DBEP load measuring pins and DSCC pancake load cells are used within the control system of the kite.

DSCC Pancake Load Cell

DSCC submersible pancake load cell

DSCC pancake load cells can be fully customisable including alternate threads, dimensions and higher IP ratings.

  • Fully Customisable
  • Low Physical Height
  • Optional: IP67, IP68 and Fatigue Rated Versions Available
  • High Accuracy: <±0.05%/RC

Minesto also needed to monitor the varying tension load of the tether created by the wing.  Using our high accuracy DSCC pancake load cells we were again able to make a custom design to fit into their existing assembly.  Our pancake load cells are also manufactured from stainless steel and can be modified with alternative threads, custom dimensions, mounting holes, higher capacities and higher protection ratings.  The DSCC pancake load cell used in Minesto’s marine power plant was IP68 rated for permanent submersion in seawater to 50 metres depth.  The pancake load cells design delivers excellent resistance to bending, side and torsional forces and its low profile makes it ideal where a low physical height is required.

ICA Miniature Strain Gauge Amplifier

ICA miniature amplifiers can fit where other larger amplifiers cannot.

ICA2H Miniature Load Cell Amplifier

Within the pancake load cell we fitted a high performance ICA2H miniature load cell amplifier.  The ICA2H miniature amplifier is only Ø19.5mm and 7.6mm high and is designed to fit inside a broad range of strain gauge load cells where a larger amplifier cannot.  It has a low current consumption and delivers a 0.1 to 5Vdc high stability output.  Using an integrated miniature amplifier kept Deep Green’s control assembly small and lightweight.  The ICA2H miniature amplifier was chosen because of its high stability and fast response which is essential for the safe and efficient operation of Deep Green.

We really enjoyed working with Minesto on this fantastic marine project.  If you have an exciting project contact us now on +44 (0) 118 981 7339 or email [email protected].  We love a challenge!


Magnus Landberg. Deep Green Technology [Online]. Sweden: Minesto AB. Available at: [Accessed at: 19 November 2015].

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Exclusive: Peter Lewis Celebrates Retirement After 25 Years of Success

For the past 25 years Peter Lewis has been the driving force behind Applied Measurements’ success. Peter has chosen this milestone to retire.  Peter’s retirement celebrates the end of this successful era but marks what we believe will be the start of a new, equally prosperous period.

We hope you will join us in wishing Peter a huge congratulations and gratitude for making Applied Measurements the huge success that it is today.  To hear the secret of his success, we give you an exclusive interview from the Managing Director himself.


How did you come up with the name Applied Measurements? Was there an apple on the head moment?

Peter Lewis Managing Director Applied MeasurementsI wanted a name that would cover a wide range of transducers and instrumentation, anticipating that over time our transducer types would diversify, hence the “Measurements”. I also wanted to convey the message that we were not just selling transducers from a catalogue but knew how to apply them, advise customers about their application and of course design and manufacture custom transducers for their application, hence “Applied”. 

What was your most challenging project you have worked on?

This was the Gemini Telescopes project, where we provided custom designed load cells to support mirrors constructed using individual segments rather than a single piece. We had to meet several design challenges, small size, extremely high accuracy and stability, integral amplification and perfect electrical output symmetry when operated in tension or compression. Development took over 12 months and introduced to the company several new high accuracy pieces of instrumentation and a purpose built calibration system. There were 3 capacities required for different parts of the mirror support system, and to meet the needs of two mirrors over 700 Gemini load cells were built.

Controversial……Who have you most enjoyed working with?

Everyone, each person has been different and I always enjoyed the interaction with individual personalities. Often amazing, sometimes challenging, but always interesting.

Peter Lewis Managing Director Applied MeasurementsWho has been the most influential person in your life?

My wife Carole, she introduced me to a vast range of experiences, that perhaps engineer types do not always notice. Stars, classical music and opera, beautiful sunsets, the influence of light and colour.

Describe yourself in 5 words?

Moody, meticulous, cautious, humorous and caring.

If you were an animal what would you be and why?

A cat, independent, territorial, and loyal (well if you keep feeding them).

What was the first car you ever bought?

A 1947 Austin 8 price £25.00, it was terrible always breaking down, leaky roof, but great fun when your 17.

What do you drive now?

Bentley Arnage. The roof doesn’t leak on this one.

Peter Lewis Managing Director Applied Measurements Next to RigWhat makes Applied Measurements stand out from the crowd?

The ability to design and manufacture custom transducers with acceptable delivery times and realistic pricing. Understanding of the customer’s application and hence giving them the confidence to work with us. Exceptional customer service, always reacting positively to delivery, technical and commercial issues.

If you hadn’t started Applied Measurements, what would you be doing instead?

Not long before Applied Measurements was started, I had a sales managers job lined up in America. The company was located in Los-Angeles, I went there for a week to be interviewed and unfortunately developed a dislike for the LA culture, otherwise I would probably still be there now. Had I stayed with my current employer in the UK, a leading American pressure transducer manufacturer, I probably would have become Managing Director.

What advice can you give to people wanting to go into engineering?

Make sure that you extend your knowledge beyond the theory and include “hands on” experience. Where possible extend your knowledge beyond your own engineering discipline to give you a broader knowledge to apply to engineering problems.

Peter Lewis Managing Director Applied MeasurementsWhat will you be doing with your free time now that you have retired?

DIY, Gardening, Reading, Holidays, Walking

If you had to do it all again would you change anything?

Not really, it’s all worked our quite well.




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