Merry Christmas from Everyone at Applied Measurements

We believe everyone deserves a very merry Christmas.  So this year, instead of posting Christmas cards, we have chosen to donate to the below charities, giving them an extra gift this Christmas.

Christmas Closure Dates: Midday Friday 23rd December to Tuesday the 3rd January 2017.

We will be closed for Christmas during the above dates.  Any enquiries received during the Christmas closure will be answered on our return.

Our last shipping day before we close will be Thursday 22nd December, if you need items before Christmas please order them well in advance of the dates below.

  • Last date for stock orders: Monday 19th December
  • Last date for 10 day calibrations: Monday 12th December
  • Last date for 3 day calibrations: Monday 19th December

May we take this time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

To speak to a member of our technical sales team please call us on +44 (0) 118 981 7339 or email

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Get Instant Printed Reports from Your Microtronics Blueforce Tester

If you want an immediate printed report of your Microtronics Blueforce gate impact force test results, we think the FTP wireless portable thermal printer is ideal, here’s why…

  • FTP Wireless Thermal Printer for BlueForce SpeedForce Gate Impact Force TesterSaves You Time – Prints Instant Reports using Bluetooth
  • Portable – Only 150g in Weight
  • Easy to Carry to the Test Site – No PC Required
  • Prints Fast at 90mm per Second
  • No Need to Wait for a Printed Report to be Posted
  • Li-Ion Battery Power Source with Battery Charger Included.
  • Get it Quick – 2 Week Delivery

On-The-Spot Reports
Thanks to the FTP wireless portable printer, PASS/FAIL test reports can be printed instantly from your Microtronics Blueforce gate impact force tester.  Using Bluetooth technology the operator can have an on-the-spot printed report showing them immediately whether the door/gate has passed or failed the impact test.

Its Compact & Lightweight
The FTP portable printer is extremely lightweight, weighing in at a tiny 150 grams and measuring 100 x 75 x 45mm!  It uses a long-life re-chargeable lithium-ion battery pack and the battery charger comes free with the unit.  And as its information comes direct from the Microtronics Blueforce gate impact force tester, you don’t even need to carry around an additional PC.  Its uniquely designed carry-case makes carrying even easier as it can hold both your Blueforce tester and the FTP printer together in just the 1 case.

Time Saving
The reports come partially created to save the operator time and make the printer really simple to use.  Combine that with its high speed printing of 90mm per second and you’ve got an extremely good time saving device.

How Can I Get One?
The FTP wireless portable thermal printer will cost you £295 (exc. VAT) including return delivery to you (UK mainland).  All this in just 2 weeks!
Email our technical sales team or phone them on +44 (0) 118 981 7339, they would love to hear from you.  The FTP wireless thermal printer is only compatible with BlueForce Smart 50V001B2 or the Upgrade Smart 50V016 kit.

What If I Don’t Have A Bluetooth Enabled BlueForce/SpeedForce Gate Impact Force Tester?
Download the Gate Force Booking In Form, send it to us with your device and we will take care of the rest.
We are the only UK company able to give you the “Upgrade Smart” hardware and software upgrade for your existing BlueForce/SpeedForce gate impact force tester.

“Upgrade Smart” Will Give You:
Instant display of the force graph PASS/FAIL results direct to your smart phone, tablet or PC (USB models only).

Full Range of Accessories For The BlueForce SpeedForce Gate Impact Force Tester

For more information about the FTP wireless thermal printer or how to upgrade to Upgrade Smart please email our technical sales team or call us on +44 (0) 118 981 7339.

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Take Advantage of an Educational Discount from Applied Measurements

If you’re a University, School or other Institution you can benefit from our fantastic educational discount.  Ask us for more details, we’d love to hear from you.

“Applied Measurements Limited has provided both current and future students enrolled in these modules the opportunity to investigate as well as learn how to calibrate real-life industrial equipment.” Ing. Claire Seguna, Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) – Mechanical Engineering, Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST).

Students Using Applied Measurements Donated Equipment

Our educational discount means MCAST students are able to use up-to-date industry standard equipment at low cost.

When Ing. Claire Seguna, Senior Lecturer at MCAST, contacted us looking for top quality transducers and instrumentation, but at a very low cost, we were delighted we could help.  Thanks to our generous educational discount we provided several load, force, pressure measurement sensors and TR150 handheld indicators for real-time data monitoring to Malta’s leading vocational education and training institution (MCAST).

Applied Measurements offer a substantial educational discount for Universities, Schools and other Institutions.  As Darren Skipp, Commercial Director of Applied Measurements says “I believe it is important to help educate future generations of engineers. By providing MCAST with discounted up-to-date industry standard equipment, the students are able to see how engineering theory works in real-world applications.”

Applied Measurements are proud to have been given the opportunity to help these young engineers of the future.  By taking advantage of our fantastic educational discount they are able to enhance their knowledge and understanding of key engineering principles with the assistance of modern sensors and instrumentation.

Contact us about our generous educational discount on our range of load and force sensors, pressure, level and depth sensors, LVDT’s displacement/position sensors and torque sensors.  Visit our website, email us or ring us on +44 (0) 118 981 7339.

to ensure their student’s knowledge and skills are relevant to the forever changing industry.

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Applied Measurements Treatment Centre Open For Patients

It’s a sad situation when a transducer becomes sick or injured, but unfortunately it does happen.   Whether in the line of duty or due to handler’s abuse, with Applied Measurements’ Treatment Centre the patient need not be poorly for long.

Repair before and after - load cell repair

Use Applied Measurements’ Treatment Centre And You Will Get:

  • NO Initial Inspection Fee
  • 6 Months Warranty on ALL Repairs
  • UKAS Traceable Calibration Certificates Available for Every Repaired Transducer
  • Detailed Fault Report Sent Out Within 7 Working Days of Receipt
  • Dedicated Team of Experts to Repair Your Transducer

We will accept any stain gauge based transducer for repair, whether it was supplied by us originally or another manufacturer (no questions asked!).  There’s no need to worry about unexpected costs either as we do NOT charge an initial inspection fee and we will NOT carry out any procedures without your prior approval.

What Do I Need To Do?

Just send us in your faulty strain gauge based transducer.   Once the patient has been received, we will send out a detailed fault report within 7 working days of its arrival. Depending on the injury, most are able to be repaired and sent home within 14 working days of arrival.   Calibration certificates traceable to UKAS National Standards are provided when required to verify that the patient is ready for release.   If that’s not enough, we are so convinced of our high level of service that we give all our repairs a 6 month warranty.

Fit-For-Fit Replacements

If your transducer  is beyond repair, don’t despair.  We can offer a replacement, even if it’s not one of our own products! We can design and manufacture a direct like-for-like replacement for you, no matter where the original was purchased, even if it’s no longer available from the original manufacturer.

So, if you have an unhealthy transducer, don’t make it suffer any longer.  Send in your faulty transducer and our dedicated team of experts will do the rest.  For further advice please contact our dedicated technical sales team on +44 (0) 118 981 7339.


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