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Brake Pedal Load Cell | Low Profile Load Cell | CCGBP

The CCGBP series of low profile brake pedal load cells are designed to measure brake pedal force with ranges from 0-50kg up to 0-200kg. Their low profile of 12.5mm lends it to applications where space is at a premium.  

Their integral mounting and loading plate along with their low profile, enables fast and simple installation directly onto the pedal. The brake pedal load cell can also be used on other pedals within the vehicle.

The brake pedal load cell is constructed from stainless steel and features a radial strain gauge arrangement which reduces the effect of any off-centre loading and helps to keep measurement errors to a minimum. Its rugged stainless steel construction and IP65 ingress protection rating ensure a long and maintenance-free life.

Additionally, we can customise the mounting and loading plates so if you need a special version to suit your application please call our sales team who will be happy to discuss your required specification in detail, or use our contact form at the bottom of the page.

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CCGBP Low Profile Brake Pedal Load Cell


  • Capacities: 0-50kg up to 0-200kg

  • Very Low Profile (12.5mm)

  • Integral Loading & Mounting Plate

  • Robust Design

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Output: 2mV/V nominal

  • Environmental Protection: IP65

  • Accuracy: <±2.5%/RC typical

CCGBP Low Profile Brake Pedal Load Cell Outline Drawing