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Data Loggers, Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Custom Software

As an accompaniment to our wide range of transducers we offer a range of data acquisition and logging hardware, along with customised software that provide any combination of monitoring, control and data collection functionality to suit your specific application.


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Squirrel SQ2010 Data Logger (Mid-Range)Squirrel SQ2010 4-8 Channel Data Logger

The Squirrel SQ2010 is a very flexible data logger available with either 4 or 8 channels.  that is able to read voltage and current signals (±75mV, -6 to +25Vdc or 4-20mA), all common thermometer signals and pulse inputs.  It is battery-powered, has a memory capacity of up to 1.8 million readings and can sample at rates up to 25Hz (1-channel).

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DataTaker DT85 Data Logger (High Spec)DataTaker DT85 48 Channel Data Logger

The DataTaker DT85 is a high specification data logger that offers up 48 channels and can work with voltage, current or thermometer input.  It is battery-powered, has an internal memory capacity of up to 5 million readings with the option of USB memory extension to allow up to 50 million readings at logging rates up to 25Hz.

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