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USB Load Cell Interface | DSC-USB

The DSC-USB is a USB load cell interface designed to convert strain gauge transducer inputs into a digital USB Serial output.  It is very compact and housed in a rugged plastic case rated to IP50 making it suitable for all indoor environments.

The DSC-USB load cell interface plugs directly into your PC and requires no additional power supplies, as it derives all its power requirements directly from the USB bus.

The USB load cell interface utilises the ASCII protocol and features high resolution to 1 in 200,000, 7-point sensor linearisation and high speeds of up to 100 readings/second.

PC-based calibration of the USB load cell interface is very easy to perform using the DSC-USB Toolkit software which is supplied free of charge.  The strain gauge signal can be read directly from the sensor or input numerically using the mV/V sensitivity figures from the load cell calibration certificate.  Other features includes linearization and temperature compensation.

The free Toolkit software also features a data logging function that allows the user to log data to a spreadsheet compatible CSV file at rated up to 100Hz.

Below you can download the DSC-USB Toolkit software which allows calibration and configuration of the the DSC-USB module along with monitoring and data logging.  There is also a link to download the DSCLog24 which provides up to 24 channels of live monitoring and data logging.

PDF Icon Datasheet    PDF Icon Manual    PDF Icon Advanced Manual

Software Downloads
PDF Icon DSCUSB Toolkit
    PDF Icon DSCLog24

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USB Load Cell Digitiser


  • Simple USB Connection

  • No external power supply required

  • ASCII Protocol

  • High Speed: 100 Readings/Second max.

  • Free Toolkit Software Included

  • High Stability with 1 part in 200,000 resolution

USB Load Cell Digitiser Outline Drawing