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Wireless Crane Scales | ET24 Telemetry Lift Link

The ET24 Telemetry Lift Link series are wireless crane scales designed for under-hook and lifting gear weighing applications, but which also lend themselves to cable tension measurement and other in-line weighing applications.

The ET24 wireless crane scales utilises the latest T24 range of telemetry instrumentation which provides superb battery life; 600 hours for the load cell & 40 hours for the handheld display.  Wireless load measurement over distances up to 200 metres is possible, avoiding the need to run vulnerable cables across your site and ensuring that personnel can easily stand at a safe distance during weighing and lifting operations.

The ET24 can be used on it's own, but alternatively you can use a number of load cells simultaneously to form a multi-point measurement system - the limit is an impressive100 load cells!

The T24 telemetry instrumentation allows multiple receivers to monitor the load reading simultaneously so, for instance, you can read on a handheld, a PC and an in-cab display.

The wireless crane scale system is supplied complete in a hard carrying case as standard, and can optionally be supplied with either bow or 'D' shackles to compliment if required.

For applications where wireless crane scales are not necessary, the the standard ET Wired Lift Link offers a lower-cost measurement system.

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ET24 Telemetry Wireless Crane Scale


  • Capacities: 0-1te to 0-300te

  • Wireless Handheld Digital Indicator

  • Environmental Protection: IP65

  • Carry Case Included

  • Shackles Optional

  • Use up to 100 load cells simultaneously

    in a multi-point lifting system
ET24 Telemetry Wireless Crane Scale Outline Drawing
Capacity A B C ěD E Weight
1t 146 101 43 24.5 204 1.5kg
5t 165 101 43 38 249 2.2kg
12t 193 101 47 47.5 305 3.5kg
25t 215 115 60 55 340 5.2kg
35t 225 126 75 60 393 9kg
50t 230 163 75 76 424 11kg
75t 260 202 75 76 470 18kg
100t 320 255 99 109 608 37kg
150t 360 303 99 109 670 51kg
200t 350 320 144 132 700 80kg
250t 350 320 144 132 700 80kg
300t 350 426 150 160 806 132kg