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Load Cell Large Digital Display | FUSION

The Fusion series of large load cell displays are built with high precision and high stability in mind. They come with either a 6-digit numeric readout or 6-digit clock format. The fusions no menu programming makes it easy to use and its optional mounting and gland positions means it is easy to install.

The fusion series of displays have a range of digit sizes to choose from, starting at 2.25" up to 16" for viewing up to 200 metres away. It also comes with a range of colour options to suit the ambient conditions, company branding and to differentiate different displays.

It's optional mounting and gland positions along with it's modular options really do mean this versitile large load cell display can suit the exact environment. There are both indoor and outdoor models so you can use this display wherever it is needed.

Display functions available are: total, rate/speed, target, frequency, weight, temperature, humidity, real time, elapsed time, power, RPM, torque and pressure. We can combine any of those functions and can also combine several fusion displays with varying functions into one display, making this a truly flexible load cell digital display.

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Fusion Large Load Cell Digital Indicator


  • 8-Digit Numeric Display or 6-Digit Clock Format

  • Easy to Use, No Menu Programming

  • Remote Setting From Ground Level

  • Smart Styling, Slim, Easy to Install

  • Modular Options to Suit Exact Environment

  • Indoor & Outdoor Models

  • Can be Built with AlphaNumeric Displays

  • Optional Mounting & Gland Positions

  • 10 Point Linearising Function
  • FUSION Large Load Cell Digital Indicator Outline Drawing