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DIN Rail Load Cell Amplifier | Amplifier with Relays | LCD20

The LCD20 DIN rail load cell signal amplifier with relays is a microprocessor based unit, compact & stackable in design, designed to provide highly accurate analogue output (4-20mA and 0-10Vdc) for use in process applications.

The LCD20 load cell DIN rail signal amplifier is capable of working with a wide range of load cells, pressure sensors and other strain gauge-based sensors and transducers and supports a 6-wire input to compensate for barrier and cable losses, it can also be used with 4-wire sensors.  In addition, the amplifier's 10-point linearisation promises outstanding accuracy.

The 2 set-point relays can be set for tolerances such as net, gross, peak and valley providing controls and alarm functions without the costly need for additional instrumentation.

Full digital setup of the load cell amplifier can be done via either a handheld unit or through a USB connection to your PC using the freely downloadable LC toolkit software.

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LCD20 DIN Rail Load Cell Amplifier with Relays


  • Space Saving - Compact & Stackable

  • 2 Single Pole Relays & Digital Inputs as Standard

  • Save on Cost with Built-In Controls & Alarm Functions

  • Superior Accuracy with its 10 Point Linearization

  • Isolated Analogue Outputs 4-20mA and 0-10V

  • DC Supply

  • 2 Digital Inputs

LCD20 DIN Rail Load Cell Amplifier with Relays Outline Drawing