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Racing Saloon CarApplied Measurements is a long-established and well-known supplier of motorsport sensor and design expertise for the world of Motorsport.

We have earned a reputation for excellence in both our design and manufacture, together with achieving lead-times required by the industry.  This reputation is reflected in a long list of "household name" customers, superb technical specification and unrivalled technical support.

For many years we have had a close association with KA Sensors, a company specialising in meeting the needs of the motorsport industry.  We have collaborated on numerous development motorsport sensor projects culminating in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of custom transducers.

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CCGBP Low Profile Brake Pedal Load Cell

CCGBP Low Profile Brake Pedal Load Cell    CCGBP - Low Profile Brake Pedal Load Cell: 0-50kg to 0-200kg Capacities

Previous Applications

  • Fatigue Testing of Suspension & Structural Members
  • Suspension Linkage Force Measurement
  • Gear Change Force Measurement
  • Steering Force Measurement
  • Wheel Bearing Force Measurement
  • Wheel Weighing / Corner Weight Platforms
  • Wind Tunnels (Lift, Drag & Yaw)
  • Integral Wheel Drag Measurement
  • Foot Brake Force Measurement
  • Engine & Braking Dynamometer
  • Hand Brake Force Measurement
  • Instrumented Spherical Rod End Bearings
  • Pitch Link Force Measurement
Steering Force Load Cell
Steering Force Load Cell

Racing Motorbikes

Gear Shift Load Cells
Gear Shift Load Cells