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Technical Resources

Free Engineering Unit Conversion Program

Download our handy conversion program which covers everything from angstroms to zettabytes.  What more could you need?!

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Instrument Calibration & Test Procedure Videos

Instructional videos guiding you through calibration of our most popular instruments and showing examples of various transducer characteristics.

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IP Ratings and Equivalent NEMA Ratings

A full list of all IP ratings complete with descriptions and equivalent NEMA (US) ratings where applicable

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Reference Articles on Sensors and Transducers

A selection of technical papers covering the various sensing principles and technologies employed within our range.

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Glossary of Transducer-Related Terms

What does that specification mean exactly?
Find out here where we explain the datasheet jargon!

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ATEX, Intrinsic Safety & Hazardous Area Information

Information relating to the regulations controlling the use of sensors and other electronic equipment within explosive atmospheres.

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Links to Other Useful Websites

Here are a selection of links to other websites and online resources along with a brief description of what each one offers.

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Technical Notes on Pressure Sensing

A selection of short technical items covering various aspects of pressure sensors and pressure measurement applications.

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